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If you need home styling ideas or are looking for a furniture or decor item for a particular purpose or space, don't hesitate to get in touch. We may just have the perfect solution for you. Send us a photo of your problem space and we will offer free advice for creating a stylish area you can be proud of. We will suggest our Urban Home products or we will source something for you, but only pieces you think would be perfect! 

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Decorating Your New Home 101

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Moving into your new home is such an exciting time. New friends, new shops and new furniture are nearly always on the top of your list! But what should you buy? Are a few statement pieces of Scandinavian furniture enough or should you also get some home décor accessories such as stools, planter pots or cushions?

Step By Step Guide to Decorating Your New Home

  1. Out with the old, in with the new. Before you leave your old home, it’s time to declutter. Sell or giveaway furniture and home décor accessories you no longer need or want. Not only will it be cheaper to move, you will also have the opportunity to buy some new pieces specifically for your new home with the money you make from selling your old stuff.
  2. Live in your new home for a while before making any decisions. Let yourself experience what it is like in your new house or apartment. Is it needing some feature furniture or comfortable seating? Does it have enough lighting? Which rooms do you use the most?
  3. Prioritise your new furniture purchases. By taking the time to find out about what the pros and cons of your new home are, you are able to make informed decisions about which rooms to focus on and what furniture you need to get first and which can wait a few months.
  4. Accessorise, accessorise! Nothing shows you care for your home more than carefully chosen accessories. Plant pots and planters, along with storage boxes and baskets, not only help decorate your home, but they have a practical use too. Flower pots bring a splash of colour to any room, while storage baskets help hide your clutter and keep things tidy.

Expert New Home Decorating Tips

Interior designers recommend that when you move into your new house, you decide upon a decorating theme, such as Minimalist, Nordic or Scandinavian design. Keeping your theme in mind makes it considerably easier to find the right things for your home and incorporate these design tips:

  • Cushions don’t need to match! In fact, a range of Scandi cushions with geometric or plain velvet fabric work perfectly together. Our round velvet cushions are a perfect partner for our beautiful cotton or jute cushion range.
  • Trays and baskets are a wonderful way to hide away clutter or display a plant or candle holder. A large tray such as our wooden serving tray makes a statement on its own or filled with interesting decor pieces. Place it on a coffee or dining table.
  • Use the principals of minimalism when decorating your home. Keep clutter hidden in boxes or stacked in cabinets. Concentrate of choosing practical and functional pieces which will give you many years of pleasure.

Most importantly of all, when moving into your new home, have fun! It’s a time for a fresh start and a new adventure.


Guide to Buying Scandinavian Furniture NZ

Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian furniture brings to mind images of white rooms with pops of colour, simple yet practical wooden furniture, a minimalist environment and relaxing spaces. New Zealanders are quickly becoming firm fans of Scandi design and enjoy the wide range of Danish furniture available to them.

What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design is known for its functionality, simple and clean lines, practicality, minimalist appeal and use of natural materials. Since the 1950’s when first emerged, Danish design has grown in popularity due to its underpinning belief than top quality and beautiful furniture should grace the home of everyone, not just the wealthy.

Ikea is one of the most popular Scandinavian furniture manufacturers in the world. With their flat pack and low cost products, you’d be hard pressed not to have heard their name or seen one of their pieces before. Yet with this popularity comes the knowledge that each piece has been made thousands of times before, ensuring that exclusivity and unique furniture is not what Ikea is known for. Thankfully it is possible to purchase original and exclusive Scandinavian home décor and furniture here in New Zealand due to importers such as ourselves who specialise in offering something different for our customers.

Features of Scandinavian Furniture

When choosing your new furniture, the size of your room along with your likes and dislikes will help guide your decision making process. Scandi designed pieces will generally have three main characteristics:

  1. Natural Materials – most often made from timber, particularly light coloured wood, Scandinavian furniture uses plenty of organic natural elements for legs, table tops, chair frames and shelving.
  2. Simplicity -  less is more when it comes to Scandi furniture. Simple pieces with no fussy additions, right angles and curves make this furniture easy to incorporate into any décor.
  3. Functionality – everything has a specific purpose with Danish design and its furniture. Using renewable sources, this furniture is designed to make life easier and more convenient.

Types of Scandinavian Furniture NZ

NZ has a large range of imported Nordic furniture available for purchasing from both physical and online stores. Coffee tables, side tables, occasional tables, rattan chairs, stools, ottomans and cabinets are lovely small pieces perfect for an apartment or house.

Perfect for the bedroom or lounge, a rattan ocassional chair provides style and comfort. Team it with a marble and brass coffee table and you have the perfect place to enjoy and afternoon cuppa. An Oak cabinet makes storing your things easy, with the wide shelves making keeping clutter free simple. For more wonderful and unique pieces, a visit to our online store is well worth it!

How to Have a Scandinavian Minimalist Home
Minimalist Living

Living within a minimalistic home is calming, relaxing and incredibly stylish. Focusing on investing in statement piece of home décor which have clean, clear and simple lines is crucial, which makes Scandinavian furniture and homeware the perfect choice when shopping for your home décor.
What is a Minimalist?
A minimalist is somebody who decides that less is more. They focus on quality rather than quantity and concentrate on the things which they really need and are important to them. While many people fully embrace the whole minimalist lifestyle in regards to where they live, what they eat and what they own, others simply enjoy having their home and personal spaces decorated in a minimalist fashion.
How to Achieve a Scandinavian Minimalist Home
Here are our top tips on how to achieve a minimalist environment within your home.
  • Write down all the things you don’t like about the way your home currently looks. Working through your list, are there things that are easy and quick to change?
  • Identify if you have enough storage. Are your things in big piles on the kitchen bench? Do you have a specific area to put your mail? Then make another list of areas within your home where more storage would be an advantage.
  • Make a list of all the things you have more than one of. Sell or donate things which you have multiples of.
  • Identify any areas where clutter tends to accumulate. Why are there so many things there in those places? Can you get rid of some of those things or do you need to keep them? What types of storage solutions would work there to reduce clutter?
  • Which areas of your home make you anxious and why? Where do you go to relax and why? By identifying the areas which so obviously have an effect on your well-being, you are able to work on improving or replicating their designs throughout your home.
  • Take an in-depth look at each piece of furniture. Do you really need it? Do you use it? Is it too big or too small? Sell or donate those pieces which are too fussy, are unused or too large.
A Scandinavian Minimalist Home in Action
By now you should have more of an understanding about which areas of your home need minimalizing and ways in which you can do it. That means it is time to choose some new Scandinavian furniture and home décor pieces which are functional, practical and simple in design.
Make use of our beautiful storage baskets to de-clutter or place a plant in. 
We’d love to see photos of your favourite minimalist room within your home. Pop over and share them with us on our Facebook page!